Five things to do with our Naif diaper cream

Did you know that the secret ingredient in our Diaper Cream is Zinc Oxide? A multifunctional ingredient that is derived from a mineral called Zincite. We use Zinc Oxide because it is a very mild and natural ingredient, which offers plenty of benefits to keep your (baby’s) skin healthy. Zinc Oxide, better known as the ingredient

Mineral Oil: not as natural as it sounds

Did you know that the majority of baby care products contain an ingredient derived from petroleum? YES, you are reading it right, petroleum!   This petroleum-derived ingredient is called “Mineral Oil”. Since we did research on Mineral Oil; an ingredient which a lot of care products contain, we have started to become more selective and

5 chemical ingredients to avoid in your baby care products

One of the main reasons we started with NAÏF is that most of the big baby brands use cheap ingredients in their products that can irritate the skin and can even be potentially harmful for your baby. As the ingredient label on the back of your products is not that easy to read for most

The top 10 must-follow Instagram Accounts for cool mums & dads

We have selected our top 10 of must-follow Instagram accounts for cool mums & dads. They are full of inspiration, happy kids and feel-good pictures that will brighten your day. The past six months Instagram grew with 50 million users and now is one of the biggest online social media platforms so we can imagine that

The Bijenkorf. “The ideal baby shower gift”

“The ideal baby shower gift” was the triggering news letter title of Dutch luxury department store “De Bijenkorf” last Friday. A top 10 filled with ideal baby gifts suitable for both boys and girls with a well-desevered third place for our NAÏF Milky Bath Oil!   First place was for Sofie de Giraf made of 100% natural rubber.


International top model and blogger of OrganiceYourLife Lonneke Engel sent 3 of her friends a NAÏF gift set. 3 happy moms, 3 happy babies and one extra happy friend. Read about Lonneke’s experience here.

Playtime Paris

From Saturday the 5th until Monday the 7th of July we introduced NAÏF and its products internationally during PlayTime Paris. Our first trade show outside the Netherlands was a big success! We got a lot of enthusiastic responses from international children’s boutiques, press and mama bloggers. It seems that NAÏF will become as a big a

Chemical ingredients in shampoo

Volkskrant Magazine dedicated an article to chemical ingredients in shampoos. We do not use any sulphates or other potentially harmful ingredients in our shampoo and are proud to be in their list of natural alternatives. You can read the full article here:  

Mom in Balance FamilyRun

On the 28th of June our partner Mom in Balance will organise their FamilyRun in Amsterdam. Run together with your kids and support a good cause. This year the money raised will be donated to the Dutch foundation “Het Vergeten Kind”. Go to for more information.